About Us

Who We Are

Capitalize Network is the only full-spectrum consulting/M&A advisory firm to exclusively focus on business owners 55+ with companies of $3M to $50M in annual revenue, including businesses that are not yet sale-ready. We use a team-based approach, led by an expert, certified Managing Director. Our Managing Directors utilize our propriety processes, systems, tools and infrastructure to ensure that the right options are considered and the best possible plan is designed and implemented to achieve the business owner’s goals for the sale or transition of their business.

What We Do

We take the client through our initial Assessment , then apply our trademarked Remodel>Stage>Sell™ process. We work with you from start to finish, from the day you decide to start, to the day your sale closes and you are off to your next challenge.

Capitalize Network works side-by-side with business owners and their existing trusted advisors through each step of the transition and transaction process, offering scalable planning services including comprehensive exit planning; best practices consulting services; and seller representation.

Our team, unique tools, and in-depth infrastructure provide unequalled transition strategy, resulting in risk mitigation, operational efficiencies, and increased business value.

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Why We Do It

  • Helping owners, their families, their employees and their families who depend on their paychecks
  • Protecting customers who depend on the company
  • Assisting vendors who have built a relationship with the company
  • Ensuring the ongoing benefits to the community that the company creates

How We Do It

At Capitalize Network, we:

  • Assign a highly-qualified Managing Director to each of our clients
  • Assessment
  • Create a team of advisors representing the most professional counsel available
  • Apply our Remodel>Stage>Sell™ program

All supported by:

  • Corporate staff that ensures unequalled attention to detail
  • Tools & Infrastructure

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Simply fill out the form below and a certified, local Team Leader will be in touch with you shortly to schedule a convenient meeting time. If you prefer to give us a call, you can reach us at 844-227-6381.

Confidentiality Comes First: We do not sell your information, or share it with anyone outside of our advisor network. You can read more about our Data Privacy Policy here.


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