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Pre-Transaction Preparation for PE target portfolio companies

  • Highly experienced staff
  • Unique service offerings
  • Disruptive tools and processes

M&A Strategy & Process

  • >10 yrs. Enterprise-level M&A experience
  • Proven track record
  • Proprietary target analysis software/process

Diligence Facilitation

  • >10 yrs. Enterprise-level Diligence experience
  • Significant Diligence cost and labor savings
  • Audit, Compliance, Project Tracking

Integration Facilitation

  • >10 yrs. Enterprise-level Integration experience
  • Significant Integration cost and labor savings
  • Project resource, cost and schedule tracking

Pre-Transaction preparation for PE target portfolio referrals

  • Receive a referral fee for each portfolio target retained for preparation
  • Screen more targets by leveraging outside resources (no cost to PE Fund)
  • Increase your deal pipeline
  • Avoid wasting time on sub-optimal targets

Improve your M&A Strategy, Process and ROI

  • Retain critical decision making, analysis & evaluation while using better data
  • Improve realization of the Deal Rationale and Synergies
  • Connect the process and teams from Search to Diligence to Integration
  • Spend less on External Advisors – Legal, Tax, etc.

Due Diligence Facilitation

  • Lower the cost of Diligence to your PE Fund by ~33%
  • Start Diligence with project costing, resourcing, scheduling and tracking
  • Connect Diligence to Integration
  • Improve your process over time with better training, tools and analysis

Integration Facilitation

  • Lower the cost of Integration by ~33% by eliminating wasted man-hours
  • Start Integration with project costing, resourcing, scheduling and tracking
  • Improve realization of Deal Rationale and Synergies
  • Leverage outside resources and processes to increase deal flow
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