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In the last 5 years, the number of companies with $3M to $50M in revenue with owners in retirement age has increased by almost 48% with the arrival of the Baby Boom generation.

Today, the number of companies with owners in retirement age is 19 times the number of companies with $3M-$50M in annual revenue that sell each year. In the next 5 years, this number will increase to 25 times.

Given that this demographic wave is inevitable:

  • The market for selling companies will become much more competitive with only the best companies likely selling

  • The sale price for companies will inevitably drop with so many companies for sale

Owners need to transition their companies to be ready for sale and to be prepared to defend the sale value, or risk a disastrous outcome.

Our Client’s Profile

  • Owners of privately held businesses with annual revenue of $3M to $50M

  • 55+ years old

  • Have decided to start the process of preparing for sale (1 to 4 years)

Capitalize Network specializes in working with business owners 55+, and understands the issues underscoring this impending event. Our team of professionals helps leverage the assets of each of our client’s business and assist in preparing companies to meet the requirements of today’s buyers.

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